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Employee Benefit Packages for Ministries with Two to Four Employees

If your church, ministry or nonprofit has two to four full-time enrolling employees, you’re now eligible for a GuideStone Group Health and Group Dental plan for Micro Groups.

The quote process is outlined below. Click on each step to see details.

Step 1: Determine Eligibility

See if your ministry and your employees meet GuideStone's eligibility requirements.

Employer Eligibility Requirements

An eligible employer is a church, agency or other institution affiliated with, or that shares common religions bonds with, the Southern Baptist Convention and are qualified to enroll in GuideStone Group Plans if they meet the following requirements:


  • Have a minimum of two covered employees.
  • Contribute 100% of the cost of medical coverage for employees.
  • Have 100% of eligible employees enrolled in the plan.


  • Have a minimum of two covered employees.
  • No minimum employer contribution is required.

In order to keep rates at an affordable level, employers are limited to offering one standard plan and one employee classification.

Employee Eligibility Requirements

Employees who meet the following requirements are qualified to enroll in GuideStone Group Plans:

  • They are paid, full-time employees of an eligible employer.
  • They work 20 or more hours per week.

Employees applying for medical coverage will submit individual health statements, which will be used to evaluate the employer’s risk and develop its rates. Details about the health statements can be found in Step 4.

Step 2: Choose Your Plans

Choose your medical plan

View your Comprehensive plans, Consumer-driven plans and our Protection plans. To see a more detailed description of each plan, review its Summary of Benefits and Coverage.

Choose your Group Term Life and AD&D plans

Review our term life and accident options.

Employee base life coverage is limited to either $10,000 or $20,000. Additional coverage is available.

Life coverage is only available to participants who are also enrolled in a GuideStone medical plan.

Choose your dental plan

Use our dental plan comparison chart to view your options.

Step 3: Review Your Illustrative Rates

Share your information and review illustrative rates.

2018 Rate Tool

Download the rate tool and enable editing. Enter your organization’s name, Zip Code and the date you want coverage to be effective, along with names and dates of birth for each employee. The tool will use this information to calculate illustrative rates for medical, life and accident rates, which you can view by selecting the tabs at the bottom of the page.

Medical plan rates shown are for illustration only. Final rates will be determined once health statements for all enrolling employees and dependents have been received and reviewed. This proposal does not guarantee coverage. GuideStone reserves the right to deny coverage.  

Step 4: Receive a Firm Quote

How can we help you?

Insurance can be challenging to understand, so we've put all the information your employees need in a simple, easy-to-use FAQ format to help them better navigate their plan. Learn more.

Well and good. Do wellness. Do right.

Our health and wellness resources help you support your employees to make healthy lifestyle choices. Motivate and inspire with challenges and success stories. Get started.

We are here to help you with health care reform

GuideStone is your health care reform advocate. Our resources can help you understand how health care reform impacts your ministry. Be informed.

Get 24/7 access to medical care

GuideStone health plans include Teladoc, a telephone video service offering non-emergency consultations with U.S. board-certified doctors. Teladoc physicians are licensed in your state and have an average of 15 years of experience. Teladoc operates subject to state regulations and may not be available in certain states. Learn more about Teladoc's convenience and affordability. 

If you have any questions, email a GuideStone small group representative.