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Step One: Know your numbers

Help your employees assess the condition of their health

Many employees go without a wellness check-up for years. Encouraging them to visit their physician for an annual physical will help them understand their level of health.

Employer tasks

1. Distribute Know your numbers handout
2. Distribute Preventive Care Schedule
3. Send an email to employees
4. Hang reminder posters around the building
5. Measure the results

Employee tasks

1. Get an annual wellness check-up
2. Complete the Know your numbers handout
3. Report feedback to your employer

Tips to measure the results

To help your worksite wellness program be a success, measure the results. Ask your employees to report back if they’ve:

  • Completed the Know your numbers handout.
  • Received an annual wellness check-up.

Keep track of how many employees are participating and have completed the challenge.

Obesity in the workplace

Employers pay the majority of the healthcare costs associated with obesity. “Obesity-related disorders cost employers nearly 40 million lost workdays, 90 million sick days and 63 million doctor visits each year,” according to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. The most direct cost resulting from obesity is high health insurance costs.

A report from the Department of Health Policy at George Washington University stated:

  • The annual health-related costs of obesity for a woman amount to $4,789 more than a woman of average weight would pay.
  • For an obese man, the additional costs are $2,646 annually.
  • Health insurance premiums were about $1,100 higher annually for the obese employee.

Read The cost of chronic disease and obesity.

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Download the Preventive Care Schedule:

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