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Worksite wellness program

Learn how to implement a successful worksite wellness program for your employees

Control healthcare costs. Reduce absences. Help your employees become healthier. Increase employee morale. Your worksite wellness can be a success — with real results. 

We’ll show you how. GuideStone’s worksite wellness program has everything you need to implement a year-long wellness program in four easy steps. Take it one step at a time by implementing a step per quarter. Every three months, challenge your staff to try a new wellness challenge.

Step One

Know your numbers

Encourage employees to understand the condition of their health — and get an annual check-up.


Step Two

Get moving

Endorse exercise to improve physical and mental health.



Step Three

Eat smart

Promote healthy eating to increase the nutrients your employee's body needs.



Step Four

Grow spiritually

Provide a verse and devotional to your employees.


Looking for more resources? Visit Wellness Toolbox for the latest health and fitness resources.

This program is designed to help employers encourage a culture of health.