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International Dental Insurance Plans

GuideStone's international dental insurance plans give your employees and missionaries the quality dental care they need through Cigna's global directory of dentists.

  • Your employees will have full coverage for preventive care internationally, keeping them healthy on assignment.
  • All dentists on Cigna's network have been screened for quality care.
  • When in the U.S., your employees can visit a dentist within Cigna's dental network easily and without a difficult transition.

Get A Quote for international dental insurance now and find the plan that's right for your ministry.

Dental Plans At-A-Glance

Effective January 1, 2018

Global Dental Plus Global Dental Basic
Deductible (per person per year) $50 $50
Annual maximum benefit $1,500 $1,000
Class I: Preventive care 100% no deductible 100% no deductible
Class II: Basic restorative 80% after deductible 80% after deductible
Class III: Major restorative 50% after deductible 50% after deductible
Class IV: Orthodontia* 50% after deductible Not covered
Class V: Implants Not covered Not covered

*Applies only to a dependent child less than 19 years of age. Lifetime maximum is $1,500.