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Get paid to shop for health care.

Earn cash with SmartShopper®.

Prices for the same quality medical services can differ by thousands of dollars within the same neighborhood and even within the same health plan network. Since most providers do not publish their price lists, it's impossible to know which location offers the best price for the quality care you're seeking.

Now you have SmartShopper to do the work for you. When you use SmartShopper to shop for quality, lower-cost health care, you can earn cash rewards* from $25 to $500 and lower your out-of-pocket costs.

What's the difference?

The cost for a procedure can vary widely, depending on the provider you choose. Here's a SmartShopper example for two common procedures.

Medical Procedure1 Cost Variance Provider A Cost Provider B Cost Provider C Cost Cash Rewards*
MRI of the knee $682 to $3,849 $682 $2,723 $3,849 $50 to $100
Colonoscopy $1,182 to $4,749 $1,182 $2,932 $4,749 $50 to $100

1Examples shown are for specific locations and time periods and are not intended to represent actual costs for procedures in your area.

3 Simple Steps to Use SmartShopper to Earn Cash Rewards*

Step 1: Shop for care.

When your doctor recommends a medical service or procedure, call 1-866-285-7475 or access through your health plan member portal to shop for the best price.

Step 2: Complete the procedure.

Complete the procedure at the location of your choice.

Step 3: Earn cash rewards*.

Once your procedure is complete and your claim is paid, SmartShopper verifies that the location qualifies for an incentive and mails you a reward* check to your home. Here are some examples of cash rewards* you can earn.

Procedure Your Reward*
MRI up to $100
CT scan up to $100
Colonoscopy up to $150
Mammogram up to $50

See the full list of qualified procedures.

Ready to start earning SmartShopper rewards*?

Call 1-866-285-7475.

Access SmartShopper through the link on your health plan member portal.

*Reward payments may be taxable.

SmartShopper is not available on Medicare-coordinating or International Plans.