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Wholesome living: a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle

New Year's resolutions. Weight loss. Gym memberships. Will wellness ever seem achievable? Give yourself a fresh start by taking a new approach — a holistic one. We've developed a wellness challenge that leans on four pillars of wellness: mindset, physical fitness, healthy eating and encouragement. With the right balance of all four areas, you can live a healthy life.

Can-do attitude

The right attitude can make a difference between achieving your wellness goals and falling short. Kim's wellness journey started with a new perspective. Her motivation started with a can-do attitude, which led her from being parked on the couch to picking up a pair of running shoes and running a four-mile relay race. Read her full story.

How can you train your brain to think positively? Find what works for you — daily affirmations, reading Scripture, encouragement from loved ones.

The challenge

Every day for a week, tell yourself one encouraging statement to boost your motivation and create a positive attitude. Alternate between daily affirmations, Scripture and other positive sources.

Find your fit

Walking is appropriate for almost anyone. It is the most popular form of exercise — half of America claims to walk regularly. Walking can have several advantages, such as lowering your resting heart rate, reducing blood pressure, increasing heart and lung efficiencies and burning calories. Take the first step.

What does "fit" mean to you? Every person is unique. A physical fitness routine should be based on your circumstances. Discuss the best options with your physician and create a custom plan.

The challenge

Add an extra mile to your current walking routine – or start one by walking one mile. The winter months pose an extra hurdle to keep active and motivated. In order to power through the obstacles, move your routine indoors. Step up to the treadmill, indoor track or mall. Read how to winterize your walk.

Eat like an expert

Food is not the enemy — nor should it be your best friend. Understand the food you're eating and the way it affects your health. Don't be afraid to try something new, something healthy. Or look for lighter versions of your favorite dishes.

Barbara didn't watch her weight as she aged and her metabolism slowed. Her eating habits stayed the same — even though her waistline didn't. She made a lifestyle change with Weight Watchers® and it was affordable thanks to the Healthy Rewards® program. With a new perspective on food, Barbara eats like an expert – and has lost 25 pounds. Read her full story.

The challenge

Try a new, healthy recipe from a light cooking source twice a week. Substitute a healthy alternative for fried foods twice a week.

Call on community

Whether you've set a goal to lose five pounds, walk a mile or fit into your "skinny" jeans, let those around you know. Tell the ones you trust and ask for their support. The power of prayer and words of encouragement can really boost your can-do attitude.

The challenge

Find friends or family members to provide encouragement on your wellness journey. Work together to develop a program of encouragement and accountability within your group.