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Stress during the holidays

Remember the reason for the season

Stress brought on by the holiday season is all too common This year, rather than jumping into the holiday season with our old set of expectations, perhaps we should take stock of what’s really necessary to make the holidays special.

Set your boundaries 

In order to enjoy the holidays, be sure to get together with your friends. But make sure you don’t indulge so much that it becomes stressful. Get plenty of rest. Continue to eat healthy. Keep exercising. Take time for your children or friends, but keep time for yourself as well. Protecting these boundaries will make your holiday season even more enjoyable.

Reset your expectations

Movies and childhood memories help us establish wonderful holiday traditions. But even timeworn traditions can become difficult, if not impossible, to maintain. Traditions should be fluid, as everything else in life. As times change, so should our expectations. And just as new traditions are born, some old ones should be allowed to pass on.

Take a few minutes to plan your holiday activities. Include all the things you’d like your holidays to hold. Then prioritize them.

  • Select a few activities or events that are important to you, and make them a priority.
  • Then select a few activities that you would like to do but could live without, and table these for when you have extra time. 
  • Everything else can be included in your list. But they receive low priority.

Relax and have fun

This year, keep it all in perspective. Commit to reducing your stress-level and creating a peaceful, joyful holiday season. Rather than allowing stress to mar your memories of the holidays, slow down and enjoy the season. Take time to worship with your family. Attend a Christmas pageant or candlelight service. Remember to keep Christ in the center of all your activities.

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